Contractors Pollution Liability

Landmark E&S provide broad contractors pollution liability insurance designed to protect many type of contractors from their covered operations.  Contractors Pollution Liability policy provides coverage for bodily injury, property damage, pollution clean-up cost caused by pollution conditions that result from a contractor’s covered operations.

Coverage Highlights
  • Occurrence and Claims-Made coverage forms

  • Mold coverage on an occurrence or claims-made basis

  • Blanket Additional Insured, Primary/Non-contributory Wording

  • Waiver of Subrogation

  • Additional Supplementary Payment Limit

  • Transportation Pollution Liability includes first party and third party carrier

  • Blanket Non-Own Disposal Site

  • Separate Defense Limit

  • Project Specific (up to 5 years term + 10 years of comp ops)

  • Professional Liability Endorsement – Available

  • Multi-year program

Target Classes
  • Residential and Commercial General Contractors

  • Trade Contractors: Street & Road, Plumbing, Roofers, Excavators, Demolition, Electrical and HVAC

  • Environmental Contractors: Restoration/Abatement Contractors, Hazardous Waste, Emergency Response, UST Removal

  • Non-Environmental Drillers

  • Energy Oil and Gas Field Service Contractors

  • Pipeline Construction and Maintenance


Minimum premium: $1,500

Available limits of up to $50 million