Hazardous and Non-hazardous Waste Haulers

Landmark E&S provides a comprehensive insurance program for hazardous and non-hazardous waste transporters. We work closely with environmental carriers to tailor an environmental package program protecting hazardous and non-hazardous haulers from their operations.

Coverage Highlights
Target Classes
  • Auto Pollution Coverage (CA9948, MCS-90)

  • Enhancements include: wrong delivery of liquid products, trailer interchange, garage liability, and coverage for leased vehicles and owner-operator vehicles within the fleet

  • Blanket Additional Insured, Primary/Non-contributory Wording, Waiver of Subrogation

  • Additional Supplementary Payment Limit – Available

  • Non-owned disposal site coverage endorsement

  • Site Pollution Coverage (On and Off Premises) – Available

  • Underground Storage Tanks Endorsement – Available

  • State and Federal Filings as needed

  • Umbrella Coverage – Available

  • Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal, Transport, Storage and Treatment Operations

  • Hazardous Material or Hazardous Waste Transporters – Bulk Chemicals, Fuels, Blended Liquid Products, Drummed Products, Contaminated Soils

  • Medical Waste Haulers

  • Recycling Facilities

  • Septic Service Companies

  • Solid Waste Haulers

  • Portable Toilet Service Companies

  • Garbage or Refuse (Non-Hazardous Waste) Haulers

Lines of Coverage:

GL/PL/CPL, Auto, WC, Excess, & EIL
Minimum premium: $2,500
Admitted and Non-Admitted paper
Available limits up to $50 million