Manufacturers Product Pollution

Landmark E&S is a leader in providing manufacturers and distributors with an insurance product that protects the insured against a product failure that could cause a pollution condition. Landmark offers combined Commercial General Liability with product pollution and Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) for a wide range of manufacturers and distributors. The combined package program provides coverage for third party bodily injury, property damage and cleanup coverage for pollution conditions cause by the failure of the insured’s product.

Coverage Enhancements
Target Classes
  • Product Pollution Endorsement available on occurrence form or claims made basis

  • Environmental Impairment Liability Endorsement – Available for multiple locations

  • Coverage for Transportation Pollution while the product is being shipped (for both first and third party)

  • Coverage for Waste Stream Disposal and Non Owned Disposal Facilities

  • Natural Resource Damages

  • Blanket Additional Insured – Vendors

  • Blanket Waiver of Subrogation

  • Transportation Liability Endorsement

  • Unlimited Defense Coverage

  • Product Recall Coverage – Available

  • Worldwide Coverage Endorsement – Available

  • Water treatment chemicals and remediation products and equipment

  • Biofuel manufacturers

  • Chemical blenders or manufacturers

  • Pesticide, Insecticide, herbicide manufacturers

  • Manufacturers and distributors of drums, tanks, pipes, valves, air scrubbing systems, compressors, pumps, containment systems

  • Environmental monitoring and remediation systems

  • Industrial Cleaners and Solvents, Swimming Pool Chemicals

  • Heavy machinery manufacturer

  • Oil pipeline manufacturers

Minimum premium is $10,000
Lines of Coverage: GL/Product Pollution/EIL, Auto, WC, & Excess
Available limits up to $50,000,000