Storage Tank Liability

Landmark E&S can help owners and operators of underground storage tanks (USTs) and aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) place pollution liability insurance designed to meet mandated State and Federal storage tank financial responsibility requirements.
Storage Tank Liability policy provides corrective action cleanup coverage as required by applicable federal and state regulations. Policies also provide third-party bodily injury and property damage coverage resulting from pollution conditions migrating from scheduled underground and/or aboveground storage tanks, as well as associated product piping or dispensers. Legal Defense Costs associated with a corrective action or third-party BI or PD claim is included.

Coverage Highlights
Target Classes
  • Claims-Made and Reported coverage forms

  • Corrective action costs resulting from storage tank incidents

  • Third-party bodily injury and property damage claims

  • Financially stable alternative to potentially insolvent State Funds

  • Business interruption and extra expense

  • Annual policies

  • Meets U.S. EPA Financial Responsibility requirements

  • Airports

  • Auto Dealerships

  • Commercial/Industrial Facilities

  • Gas Stations/Convenience Stores

  • Golf Courses

  • Hospitals

  • Property Managers

  • Marinas

  • Municipalities

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • School Districts/Colleges/Universities

Minimum premium: $350
Available limits of up to $10 million